Definition: A g’mach is a chesed (kindness) foundation (private or public) set up to supply various goods or services to those who are in need. This can include things as minor as offering the loan of folding chairs to interest-free loans. Please feel free to browse the g’mach listings below for yourself or for someone in need.  If you have something to share, donate or loan out, please click here to let the community know that you have something to offer, like folding chairs, strollers, baby clothes, faux flowers etc.

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8489 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel (323) 852-1900

Rabbi Hershy Ten, President
The Bikur Cholim is a non-profit volunteer organization helping people who are in need of health care in the Greater Los Angeles area.
The Bikur Cholim has furnished apts. for visiting patients and their families; they provide hot, home cooked meals for patients and their families and local grocers and eateries offer discounts to patients and their families; they act as a conduit between patients and families and physicians, medical centers, and leading Rabbinical authorities for dealing with the complex medical situations as they arise; The BCC provides transportation to and from medical centers and airports,etc.; Manages blood donor programs; subsidizes examinations, medications, equipment, and procedures; publish a newsletter; provide free educational programs; provide visitation and support for patients and senior citizens.

For help with drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Adult and Children’s clothing

(310) 285-0909
Serving Jewish children, teens and young adults with special needs, including developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorder. Etta Israel sponsors special educational services in most yeshivos and day schools, as well as stand-alone classes and a Talmud Torah. Shabbatons and social activities are geared to a range of ages and interests, while parent and sibling support programs help the family. Many Etta Israel programs are staffed by high school volunteers from area yeshivos and high schools.

We provide short and long terms loans of car seats, high chairs, pak-n-plays, bouncers, booster car seats, baby swings and more.
Phone: 323-243-7116. Leave message and call will be returned after 6 p.m.

NISHMA (formerly Ezras Bayis)
(818) 623-0300
(collect calls accepted)
24-hour crisis line for families and individuals dealing with abuse (including spouse abuse, child abuse and neglect or elder/disabled dependent abuse). The hotline receives calls from people who are hurting someone in their family, people who feel they are being abused, as well as concerned friends, neighbors, teachers and rabbis. In addition, people call with a variety of problems, including depression, homelessness, loneliness, and other problems about which they have nobody to talk to. NISHMA means “we will listen”, and the NISHMA hotline offers help to anyone, man or woman, Orthodox or not. All calls to NISHMA are strictly confidential and anonymous.

NISHMA operates around the clock except for Shabbos and Yom Tov (the hotline stops about 2 hours before candlelighting and resumes about 1 hour after havdalah). In addition to the hotline, NISHMA offers sliding-scale counseling by licensed professionals and interns; referrals to counseling, legal, shelter and other resources; educational programs for the community;
and consultation to rabbis, teachers and principals.

NISHMA is staffed entirely by Orthodox trained volunteers and professional staff, and works under the guidance of a Va’ad Halacha of respected Orthodox rabbis. NISHMA is a project of the Orthodox Counseling Program of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. If you would like to apply to become a NISHMA volunteer, please call the hotline number (818) 623-0300 and ask to be connected to the NISHMA office.

Information and aid to recent immigrants.

Information and services for people with HIV and their families.

College scholarships for Jewish kids in LA.

We are a small group of highly dedicated volunteers focused on the belief that just because someone has made a mistake he/she should not be forgotten and written off by society. We believe the ancient sage who wrote: “helping the imprisoned is the loftiest of all charitable acts, superseding all other forms….” (Maimonides 1135-1204 C.E) Initially launched under the sponsorship of B’nai B’rith and now an independent entity, JPSI has grown to the point where we have volunteers across the country providing direct services to prisoners throughout the United States, Canada, England, France, Israel and Poland. Our volunteers come from all walks of life — businessmen, correctional facility employees, educators, lawyers, professionals, rabbis, even a judge. In addition, we have ex-offenders who, in the past, were recipients of the group’s help. Upon completion of their sentencing, they have joined JPSI to assist in maintaining our numerous outreach programs. One of our most notable successes is our professionally conducted Marriage Enrichment Seminar. This two-day program for Jewish prisoners and their wives is produced by Larry Karlin, JPSI vice-chairman, and conducted by Dr. Bernard Guerney, a former Pennsylvania State University professor of
human development. He has adapted his “Relationship Enhancement Program” specifically to reduce the high rate of divorces attributed to the
trauma of forced separation that is part and parcel of the incarceration experience. Also, in the past two years, we have matched hundreds of Jewish prisoners with compatible pen-pals. We have continued our holiday greeting card program in which we send Rosh Hashanah, Pesach and Hanukkah cards to prisoners so that they may, in turn, send them out to their family and friends. This helps them to maintain contact with their family and gives them a feeling of inclusion during the holiday as opposed to reinforcing their already heightened feelings of isolation and despair. Through our religious and educational outreach programs, we continue to supply books of Judaic interest, Jewish calendars, siddurim, Stars of David, tefillin and Torahs to our incarcerated brethren. In many cases, this is the only way that prison authorities will allow such materials into their facilities. Our free, Jewish, video-lending library is already a proven success throughout the nation. We have also affected can increase in volunteer participation in our prison visitation programs. Volunteers go into the prisons to visit prisoners on an ongoing basis to observe Shabbat, the High Holy Days, Pesach and other rabbinical and scriptural holidays. As we look to the future, JPSI’s leadership seeks to become more involved in the formation of Jewish post-release facilities, offering more support for the families of Jewish incarcerates, a bigger and better free video-lending library, an ever-enlarging pen-pal program, and a Judaica distribution center that will truly accommodate the spiritual-growth aspirations of all Jews who practice their faith behind the wire and walls. Clearly, our successes and achievements would be unrealizable without the support and commitment of the nation’s entire Jewish community. We hope that as you read of our mitzvot you will be inspired to join with us at any level or levels of participation that pique your interest. We are eternally grateful for your support and involvement. Reaching out to the forgotten and the needy—it’s what living Judaism is all about! FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: SID KLEINER, SEC./TREASURER JEWISH PRISONER SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, 10188 WINTER VIEW DRIVE, NAPLES, FL 34109-1520 PHONE/FAX: (941) 591-2649***ALT. FAX LINE: (941) 566-7702***E-MAIL: SKLEINER@AOL.COM WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO FOR OUR INCARCERATED BRETHREN AND THEIR FAMILIES? Potentials and possibilities for participation in prison programs are numerous and varied. The Jewish Prisoner Services International, a not-for-profit, social service agency needs your help with the following: Pen Pal Programs – You can write to a lonely Jewish inmate. JPSI will sponsor and instruct you in corresponding with one (or more) of some 650 Jewish inmates currently on a national pen pal waiting list. Religious Materials/Judaica – New or used Torahs, prayer books and other Jewish religious, educational and secular materials are always needed. As an approved prison program, JPSI will send these items on your behalf to individual Jewish inmates and chapel libraries. Visits – Individually or with others, you can visit imprisoned Jews in your area on a regular or occasional basis. The JPSI will sponsor and instruct you in visitation programs. Families – In person or anonymously, you can assist a Jewish inmate’s family while their loved one is incarcerated. The JPSI will instruct and connect you with one of many such families. Mentors – You can help to guide a Jewish man or woman through the difficult post-release period toward a successful transition into the community. The JPSI will instruct you and connect you with a Jewish inmate prior to his or her release. Ideas – No one in the corrections field has all the answers, and your idea might lead to a successful new program. The JPSI is always looking for input from the community. Contributions – Even if you are unable to do something in person, your tax- deductible contribution will help defray our many and ongoing operating costs. Now, select your favorite mitzvah or mitzvot from above and contact: SID KLEINER, SOUTHEAST REGIONAL COORDINATOR JEWISH PRISONER SERVICES INTERNATIONAL AN OUTREACH/ADVOCACY AGENCY FOR JEWISH PRISONERS AND THEIR FAMILIES PEN PAL VOLUNTEERS CAN REACH SARAH JACOBS AT: PO Box 761156, Los Angeles, CA 90076-1156 or e-mail:

For help against evangelical Christians.

Jewish Family Services – Orthodox Counseling Program
Counseling for the Orthodox community by Orthodox therapists.

My 10-year-old daughter, Lisa Ostrovsky, suffers from a very severe form of Cystic Fibrosis. During last three months drastic deterioration in her state has been developed. Now she needs assistance to breath and all this time she stays in hospital. Her doctor, Dr. J. Rivlin (Carmel Medical Hospital, Haifa, tel/fax 972 4 825 0642) and Prof. Yalin (Tel-ha-Shomer Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel), consider the urgent lung transplantation is the only way.
There is almost no chance that Lisa with her O+ blood group will survive until the operation is possible in Israel: during the last half year there
was no operation of such a type in Israel because of problems with organ donations. The short enough waiting lists for such surgery was found only in a few medical centers in USA. The total cost of the operation is $600,000 to $900,000 depending on pre-operation treatment, post-operation intensive therapy, cost of medicaments, travelling to USA, and stay in hospital (this assessment done by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Israel, tel. (972) 3 670 2323, rf. Riki, social worker).
Articles about Lisa’s problem were published in many central and peripheral newspapers in Hebrew and in English. Nonetheless, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO RAISE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR LUNG TRANSPLANTATION. It is very important now to find prominent contributors (funds, sponsors, philanthropic donators) who can contribute to Lisa’s rescue fund.

We shall greatly appreciate ANY DONATION to the Lisa’s rescue fund. IN THE USA tax-deductible donations can be sent to:
Israel Endowment Funds (P.E.F). 317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607, New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212) 599 1260

All checks should be sent endorsed to them, mentioning (at the bottom of the check) that the donation is dedicated (earmarked) “FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION OF ISRAEL (FOR LISA OSTROVSKY)”. All donations will be followed by receipts, and ARE RECOGNIZED BY THE USA TAX AUTHORITIES FOR TAX BENEFITS.

It would be beneficial to inform the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Israel [Krinitzy st. 79, Ramat Gan 52423, Israel; Fax: (972) 3 670 2324] about
your donation to the Lisa’s Rescue Fund by way of P. E. F. P. E. F. will transfer all such donations wholly to the Lisa’s Rescue Fund in Israel.

IN ISRAEL tax-deductible donations can be sent to: Bank Leumi Le-Israel, Branch “Ahimeir” (no. 628), Account no. 14207/80 (CF
FOUNDATION OF ISRAEL – FUND FOR LISA). Str. Ahimeir 21, Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv – gimel) 69120. Phone: (972) 3 6414963


Ilia and Valentina Ostrovsky.

Food deliveries for families in need.

Wedding Choson and Kallah Centerpieces to borrow

Wedding Clothing for Children
Wedding dresses to borrow, sizes 8-12