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Kosher Cruises

Kosher Cruises

Did you know that you can have an amazing vacation with ALL KOSHER FOOD, without being on a kosher-specific cruise?  That’s right, cruising Kosher doesn’t mean spending a fortune.  Many cruise liners supply kosher food on board without having to pay extra.  Did you know that cruises can be as low as $149 for a few days at sea and KOSHER FOOD!  As an example, Royal Caribbean cruise line has a cruise departing Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean starting at about $649 per person for seven days…SEVEN DAYS!  You can’t even get a nice hotel for seven days for that amount…and it includes entertainment, food, snacks, shows and you get to stop in beautiful destinations along the way.

There is even one more secret…many cruise liners have a lot of kosher food as their standard stock.  For example, at some restaurants on board may carry kosher potato chips, salad dressing, pastries etc…BUT BE CAREFUL…you must ask, as the ships provisions can change on each cruise….but if you do your homework, you can take advantage of all of the “free” kosher food included in your cost…Just be prepared to ask the helpful staff aboard the ship and be sure to ask to see the “package” to confirm that the certification matches your requirements.

As an example, there was a cruise ship that had CHOF-K ice cream by the pool, each day….sounds like a dream!

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