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Passover Program Vacation

Passover Program Vacation

For many, the task of turning over a house for Pesach is too much to deal with, the kids are off from school and there is an opportunity to get away.  Enter…Pesach Vacation Programs.  These programs can cost more than making Passover at home, but if you do the numbers, sometimes it can make sense.  Passover Shopping can be quite pricy, with Matzoh sometimes costing $10-20 per box!  Let’s not forget the Passover waffles, and increase price for meats and poultry.

Now, imagine that someone else deals with all of the shopping and you don’t have to worry about cleaning…now we’re talking.  Passover Programs offer, hotel accommodations, entertainment and of course all the food you can eat.

Because of the vast amount of Passover programs available, you can select almost any destination for your family.  Passover in Hawaii?  Pesach in Mexico?  Maybe you just want to spend Passover in Arizona?  Whatever the climate, the view or amenities, there is most likely a Passover Program that suites your desires.

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